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Parents for ADHD Advocacy Australia

We are a national volunteer-run community group dedicated to improving the lives of young people with ADHD, and their families, through ADHD awareness, education and advocacy.

Raising awareness

We are passionate about increasing public awareness and reducing the stigma surrounding ADHD. We do this through our Rethink ADHD campaign on Facebook and Twitter, by supporting examples of the ADHD lived experience in the media, and by correcting misinformation and promoting the truth about ADHD in the community.

Empowering families

Young people with ADHD deserve the opportunity to successfully navigate life and reach their full potential. Our PAAA Facebook community and website are places to share helpful information and resources so that families can become confident to advocate on behalf of their child.

Improving the school experience

Increasing the capacity of schools to support students with ADHD and comorbid conditions is fundamental to shaping bright futures for young people with ADHD. Data collected from our ADHD & Schools Survey will provide an important platform for future advocacy initiatives.

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Find out why 1 in 3 students with ADHD have changed schools and what you can do to help improve support for students with ADHD in the Australian education system!


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