ADHD and Schools

ADHD and schools

Parents for ADHD Advocacy Australia (PAAA) has a firm objective to improve outcomes for young Australians with ADHD. Increasing the capacity of schools to support students with ADHD and comorbid conditions in educational settings is one of our prime objectives.

In August 2018, PAAA undertook an extensive national quantitative study focusing on the performance of Australian schools in meeting the needs of ADHD students. This study collected brand new, previously unavailable data from one thousand Australian families who have one or more children suffering from ADHD. The findings are being collated and will feature in discussions with key stakeholders in the coming months.

The PAAA would like to thank ADHD Australia and numerous other national ADHD support groups for sharing the survey and encouraging their members to complete it.


Current Initiatives

ACT NOW to influence greater support of students with ADHD in NSW Schools!

Request for individual parent submissions by NSW PAAA members via “Quick Feedback or Online Submission” by 30th November 2018.

An important initiative, the NSW Curriculum Review, is currently underway in NSW, conducted by NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA).  This review is to ensure the NSW curriculum “equips students to contribute to Australian society in the 21st century”. 

This review aims to engage the community to seek a diversity of views, including those of parents, young people, employers and those involved in the delivery of school education.  These viewpoints, if shared by many, will be recognized as KEY THEMES AND ISSUES – and these will in turn, inform recommendations for changes and improvements. We need to get the needs of students with ADHD on the radar!

CALL TO ACTION FROM PAAA MEMBERS – 10 minutes of your time!

It is vitally important that the voices of parents and carers of children with ADHD in schools are heard.

PAAA would like YOU to submit individual feedback in order to elevate recognition of the needs of student with ADHD in schools as part of the NSW Curriculum Review.  

How can the curriculum be redesigned and presented to better support teaching, learning, assessment and reporting, especially for your child with ADHD?

Consider including:

  • the current experience of your child with ADHD in accessing education in their school
  • what has worked well, what is not working well
  • consider any learning, behavioural, social and emotional needs your child has…how are these needs being met or not met?
  • what do you feel needs to happen with WHAT is taught and HOW it is taught to your child?
  • your feelings as to whether your child is experiencing “inclusive education” as part of the Disability Standards for Education.

Please click HERE to access the on-line submission form, and please complete your submission by the 30th November.

Please email to let us know that you have made a submission – thank you in advance for you contribution!

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