ADHD Stigma: How You Can Help Fight It

Parents of ADHD Advocacy Australia are passionate about fighting the spread of misinformation and reducing the stigma surrounding ADHD. Inaccurate comments about ADHD can be hurtful to sufferers and their families, causing feelings of anxiety, shame and isolation which can result in delayed diagnoses and treatment.

You can help change negative attitudes about ADHD by paying attention to messages and information presented on TV and radio, in newspapers, social media and general conversation, and by taking steps to correct any inaccuracies.

According to SANE Australia Stigmawatch, there are three important steps to an effective response to stigma in the media:

1. Get the facts right:

  • stigma case
  • the source
  • the date and the time

2. Report it to Stigmawatch here

3. Complain directly yourself to the person or publication that made the comment. Read Sane Australia’s guide for contacting media:

Please refer to this useful guide to reducing stigma by SANE Australia:

If you are a parent or carer of a young person with ADHD, please join Parents for ADHD Advocacy Australia on Facebook:

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