In October, Channel 10’s Studio 10 panel discussed ADHD. Unfortunately, the content of the discussion contained some superficial, inaccurate and stigmatising comments about ADHD by some of the panel members, which caused much dismay and consternation from the ADHD community.

As part of stigma-watch, a PAAA initiative is to proactively address inaccurate representations of ADHD in the media.  Louise Brown from Thriving with ADHD, penned an evidence-based, open letter to Channel 10 to debunk some of the comments.

Please click here to read the open letter.

An Open Letter to Studio 10 – Please Stop Stigmatising ADHD

We encourage you to share the open letter on social media, or visit the Studio 10 Facebook or Twitter sites to leave your comments about the segment.

In addition, please call Channel 10 studios on (02) 9650 1010 to report a complaint about the segment.

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