Breakfast with Wendy Harmer and Robbie Buck: ADHD focus

In August 2018, PAAA undertook an extensive national quantitative study focusing on the performance of Australian schools in meeting the needs of ADHD students. We recently discussed the initial findings from the survey with Wendy Harmer and Robbie Buck on ABC...

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PAAA discusses ADHD on the Today Show

On Wednesday 17th October, Lou Kuchel ADHD Advocate from PAAA appeared on the Today Show, alongside Professor Michael Kohn, from ADHD Australia to clear up common misconceptions about ADHD.

In an interview with Georgie Gardner, Lou and Michael discussed the impact that ADHD can have on families, and how negative stigma in the general community needs to shift to a better understanding of the condition.

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Understanding and Destigmatising ADHD

ADHD advocate Lou Brown and Psychiatrist Dr Hugh Morgan recently appeared on Studio 10 to provide insights into the myths and controversy surrounding ADHD

1 in 4 students with ADHD in Australia suspended

1 in 4 adhd students in australia suspended

Article on the high rate of suspensions for Australian students with ADHD, featuring PAAA’s ADHD & Schools survey results. PAAA gains widespread coverage of such an important issue for our kids

Girls with ADHD fly under the radar - The West Australian

adhd girls fly under the radar

Girls with ADHD are less likely to be diagnosed in childhood than boys, with four boys diagnosed for every girl. 

Perth schoolgirl's ADHD journey - The West Australian

girls with adhd in australia

Kiera and her family endured years of suffering before diagnosis at age 11.

The stigma surrounding an ADHD diagnosis - Ballarat Courier

stigma surrounding adhd

Ballarat parent talks about the stigma surrounding her son’s diagnosis.

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