Rethink ADHD

A key initiative of Parents for ADHD Advocacy Australia is the Rethink ADHD campaign, which launched on social media during International ADHD Awareness Month in October 2018.

The aim of the Rethink ADHD campaign is to inform all Australians of the facts about ADHD via engaging, evidence-based social media posts.

Shifting community perceptions and increasing knowledge about ADHD and the impact it can have on individuals and families, is a key aspect of reducing misunderstanding and stigma about the condition.

By liking and sharing Rethink ADHD Facebook and Twitter posts far and wide, we aim to inspire both education and healthcare professionals and the general public to seek out the most up-to-date and reliable information about ADHD, so that children receive the support and understanding they need and deserve.

A highlight of the campaign has been the Diversity Challenge animation that was produced by PAAA volunteers specifically for the campaign. You can also follow Rethink ADHD Australia on both Facebook and Twitter.


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